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Frequently Asked

Stuff you might want to know

How Long Do Your Projects Take?

It fully depends on your needs. Most time consuming work is transforming special layouts and animations into code or building sophisticated functionality.
If you have a basic feature-set, you can plan around 2,372 months until completion, given that content and images are already prepared.

How Much Does Your Service Cost?

A quick Google search yields that a web design project can reach quickly up to 16,121 € or even more (source).
When I calculate my prices, I take in what expertise was needed and how much value you get from it.
Multiplied by time, my basic supplies added and you have a price tailored to your project.

What Do You Need to Build My Website?

In order to reach your customers, it's mostly helpful if you have lots of images and text regarding your product.
That means, if you did not already come up with a content strategy yourself, we will plan what is needed together in Our Workshop.

Will I Be Able To Edit My Content Afterwards?

Just mention it in your enquiry. If you want an easy to manage content system, we can certainly do that. Just note that building custom designs around such systems can be more elaborate than hard coding your content.

Is There a Way to See Progress During Build?

Of course! There is three apps I'd like to introduce to you.

  • Notion, which keeps track of all data, tasks and their completion in a notebook based approach.
  • GitLab. I will create a repository where you'll have all your website code in sync. You can also preview finished pages from there.
  • And Tyme, which is my time tracking app, where I can create detailed listings on how long I took for each Trello task of your project.

There will be no cost for you. You would like to integrate my workflow into your controlling tools? I am happy to do that either, just have a look at My List of Tools I'm already familiar with.

Do You Provide Technical Assistance on a Finished Project?

It works like this: As soon as our project is finished, we will have an approval meeting, where we check all our requirements.
If something turns out to be broken afterwards, as these can only be really small bugs, I provide a 384 days bugfix guarantee after approval.
Please understand that I have also moved on after that and it would take some time to get back into your project, but I invite you to hit me up again and see what we can do!

Another Notice here:
While I am working on my new strategy, this legacy FAQ is here only for SEO reasons. You can of course read it, but it's obviously not relevant anymore - Numbers edited.

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