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Basics First

Our Blueprint For a Well Performing Website

What's E Commerce About?

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  • Sales Strategy
  • Customer Support
  • User Experience
  • Software Engineering
  • Imagery
  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Design
  • Content Engineering
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Market Research
  • Usability Testing
  • Business Administration
  • Controlling
  • IT-Law & Regulations

Knowledge Graph

Where My Expertise Comes from

Academic History

Bachelor Of Science (E Commerce)

Oct 2015 - Today
at University of Applied Sciences Würzburg / Schweinfurt


I.C.S. Certificate For Academic Excellence

Mar 2017

in my E Commerce Bachelor Studies
ICS e.V. Website

Udemy Course Certificates

Where I started...

  • Angular 2 with TypeScript
  • MEAN-Stack
  • Vue.js ...

Work Experience

Conversion Manager Intern @ konversionsKraft

Mar 2019 - Aug 2019

Helping Businesses sell online with Germany's leading company in Conversion Optimization. Utilizing smart data, consumer behavior principles and state-of-the-art user testings to tailor large-scale e-commerce websites to the customers' needs.

Webdesign & E Commerce Freelancing

Jan 2017 - Today

Full-service offer for innovative Businesses, includes planning, designing, building and optimizing online shops, blogs, portfolios and websites.
Furthermore consulting clients around digital strategies and topics like user experience, SEO, online marketing, etc.

If you're looking for someone who loves what he does, you're in the right place. I elevated my hobby to a Business so you can be sure I am motivated to the fullest!     

I love what I do and am super motivated.
I can't wait to hear your website idea!

Making Of

How We Build Our Project (Behind the Scenes)

See how your goals affect the way we approach your project. The challenge is to cater our development process to our KPIs, therefore we need to know what influences our path.

Your Goals:



The people coming to our website are not only numbers, they are people. There's more to generating traffic, than just making a website fast.

We have to understand where people come from.


Users have habits, needs and risks. If done right, you can support them using your product the way intended.

They need to be guided to find their way.


There are a lot of different types of characters. By tackling problems, not solutions, we create unique value with our content.

And they love to receive appropriate entertainment.

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Action Plan

Our Collaboration From The Point of Enquiry

Chit Chat - Email Exchange

You send me a free enquiry, including details on what we'll be creating - ideally accompanied by your timeframe and budget estimations. In exchange I will reach back to you in 3-5 business days. We will have to define some details and set our first meeting.

From the moment you send your mail, it's takes max. until tomorrow until I reply.

Business - Legal Preparations

We set our basic terms and conditions, like estimated project duration and hour rate. When we have come to an agreement, we schedule our first workshop.
I got a set of remote co-working apps to make it feel like we sit at the same table.

We continue by setting our terms and planning a creative session.

Co-Working - Our First Workshop

That's the interesting part. I get creative and develop a first sketch of what your new website will look like and how long it will take,
After we signed our resulting contract I will set up a collaborative virtual dashboard for you to exchange files and be in sync about task completion, schedule and budget.

At the end of the day, we have signed contracts and a detailed list of what has to be done.

Other Clients Also Liked...

Attributes that I can offer


"I will understand your risks and chances and build your strategy accordingly."

Analytical Skills.

Helping Hand.

"If you got any questions or problems, I’m at your side to share my knowledge."

Helpful Whenever Possible.


"If you have a given design, you can lean back. Your website will look pixel perfect."

Focused on Detail.

Brilliantly clean.

"You plan on continuing work in the future? That's alright. My code is clean enough to be readable to my successor."

Orderly Coder.

Growth Mindset.

"Everyone has ideas to share. We can help each other by embracing an innovative atmosphere."

Open for Innovation.

Full on Track.

"ToDos, budget and time sheets. Everything at your fingertips for your controlling needs."

Exact Documentation.

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